Commercial Products

UV Printing

As soon as your customers enter the store, they are looking for information. Give your visual merchandising program the impact it needs and deserves. From basic directional signage to speciality inks and coatings, our products will drive an increase in the sales of your brands.

We’ll help you execute your printing program with stress-free planning and timely delivery information, all within your tight budget.

UV Offset Printing

For your special projects, nothing compares to the detail and brilliance of UV offset printing. We will work through the optimal layout for your project, delivering the best color consistency and most efficient use of material.

UV Screen Printing

For projects requiring simple, bright graphics, projects viewed from distance or those requiring special ink treatments, UV screen printing is often the best option. Many times, projects require both offset and screen printing on the same part. Since Impact screen prints in-house, we are able to control quality from start to finish. The result is a final product you can be proud of!

Shelf Merchandising

Whether you choose a merchandiser from our extensive line of stock items or need a unique custom design, our shelf products can give you instant increases in product sales. These merchandisers will “billboard” your brand and package graphics. We’ll provide you with a step-by-step development process including sketches, prototyping and production models for pilot program testing. All executed in a quick-turn and budget-conscious format.

Vacuum-Formed Merchandisers

We have over 100 designs to choose from or we can easily create custom trays that are affordable. Our low cost method of mold-making allows you to design a tray perfectly suited to your product and specific store environment. Whether you have product that is shelf stable, refrigerated or frozen our merchandisers will help you reach your sales goals.

Pusher Merchandisers (Standard Sizes & Custom-Designed)

Injection molds come in select widths and lengths designed to fit the vast majority of products. Custom colors, labeling options and sizes are available, contact Sales with your needs and we will design the right tray for you.

Heat-bent trays give you brilliant color on the sides and front panels to promote your brand while still having a pusher mechanism to face your product.

Custom Trays

Custom Trays don’t need to be difficult. We will walk you through the design process step by step helping you to determine the right size, material and construction for your product and your budget.

Lead time on our custom trays is surprisingly quick – a matter of days compared to weeks and months with other molds. Custom trays are a great solution for in-store product testing and initial roll-outs, limited distribution/small scale production items, niche items and seasonal programs.

Card Programs

Impact is your single source for card production and personalization. Whether you need a standard CR80 card or a custom-designed “card/keyfob/mailer with glitter and a mag stripe”, our comprehensive production program will give you the design your customers crave and project execution and on-time delivery you want.

Allow us to demonstrate unique combinations of our capabilities and special effects listed below. In the end, you will have a stand-out card program. We guarantee it.


We offer UV offset and UV screen printing. Cards can be Surface Printed or Hydraulically Laminated – with or without Mag Stripe and Signature Panels. We offer top of the line Optically Punched or Steel Rule Die-cut cards. All functions are in-house for tight control.



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